Clinical psychology

Mgr. Lucie Michálková

Mgr. Lucie Michálková

clinical psychologist

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PhDr. Michal Šmotek, Ph.D.

clinical psychologist

  • He graduated in Psychology at the Faculty of Arts of Pavol Šafárik University in Košice

  • In 2020 he completed an attestation examination in Clinical Psychology

  • He did a PhD. degree in Neurosciences at the Third Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University in Prague

  • He worked as a psychologist and a researcher at the Department of Sleep Medicine and Chronobiology at the National Institute of Mental Health in Klecany

  • Since 2014 he is a participant of Depth Focused Psychotherapy Training in Analytic Psychotherapy

  • He absolved a course of hypnosis in Psychiatric Hospital Kroměříž and many other certificated courses ( such as ROR, TAT, MMPI-2 and more)

  • He did lectures about psychobiology of sleep and sleep disorders at the Prague College of Psychosocial Studies

  • Regularly, he participates in Czech and international meetings, he is also an author or co-author of articles in scientific journals (for example Neuropsychobiology, Sleep Health, Chronobiology International etc.)

  • Since 2018 he has been working at INEP and his main interests are psychological diagnostics in adults

  • He offers his services in Czech or English language