Clinical psychology

Our clinical psychology department offers diagnostic services and psychotherapy.  Our clinicians perform the diagnosis and examination using specialised psychological methods. The examination consists of an interview ( with present family members by children)  and chosen special testing methods. The main goal of the psychological examination is not only finding the diagnosis but particularly a perfect understanding of the patient’s difficulties, the progression, possible source and general context of the problem.

Using one of many investigations we are able to: map cognitive functions and possible deficits (in memory, concentration, logical reasoning etc.), describe personality traits, otherwise the investigation can help with identification of difficulties which do not stand out in an interview (for example: the subtle onset of psychosis). 

In psychotherapy a rapport is built with the therapist through regular dialogue. The therapist acts as the patient's guide to their inner world. The purpose of psychotherapy is firstly the relief of symptoms, and to achieve a better understanding of self. So the client can live a happier life. 

Together with motivation and systematic work, we encourage the client to open their minds to positive change.

You can make an appointment at the psychological counselling service with one of our specialists,

You don’t need any  previous references from your general practitioner.