Specialised counselling

Neuropsychiatric counselling

In this counselling, we focus on diagnostics of  neuropsychiatric disorders. An entrance examination consists of complex neurological and psychiatric investigation, a proposal of the diagnostic and therapeutic method, detailed medical report and a consultation for patient’s family members. There is also a possibility go through detailed memory examination. The services of neuropsychiatric counselling are not covered by health insurance.


Centre for tics and Tourrete syndrome

Comprehensive care for children and adults suffering from  tics or Tourette syndrome. The quick and targeted diagnostic is done by experienced specialists. You can make an appointment immediately. The centre provides not only a clinician’s examination but also psychotherapy for patients and their family members or consultations in psychological and school counselling room.


Counselling for Parkinson’s disease and tremor

In this counselling, we focus on diagnostics, treatment ,and counselling for people suffering from  Parkinson’s disease, Parkinson’s symptoms and tremor. Thanks to collaboration with big hospitals we are able to guarantee treatment for our patients from early to an advanced stage of the disorder. 


Cognitive rehabilitation

Cognitive rehabilitation is targeted on patients  with any cognitive function impairment. The aim of this method is to improve the cognitive condition, or to offset the cognitive deficit, so the clients can handle activities of daily life themselves and have stronger autonomy and independence. The secondary effect of cognitive rehabilitation is also a relief for relatives and other caring people.


Neurosurgical counselling

Counselling for patients before brain or spine surgery. The consultation’s topics can be about the suitability of neurosurgical operation in patients with back pain, spinal disc herniation, blood vessel malformation or brain tumors. The neurosurgical counselling services are not covered by health insurance.


Counselling for headache

Counselling focused on diagnostics, treatment, and prevention of a headache. We care for patients with a migraine, but also for patients, whose difficulties are connected with cervical spine pain, stress, depression or sleep disorders.


Counselling for autism

Counselling focused on care for patients suffering autism spectrum disorders (for example autism or Asperger syndrome). The consulting room is not for diagnostics of autism but we can provide you an initial consultation with a recommendation of further process.


Counselling for eating disorders

Diagnostics and treatment of eating disorders for example mental anorexia or bulimia. The counselling room is intended for children, adolescent and adult patients.


Hypnosis is an artificially induced condition of consciousness, which is used for its therapeutic purpose. The hypnotic condition is characterized by better perceptiveness and enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion. It is a concomitant therapeutic technique, most commonly used with psychotherapy*. The suitability of hypnosis is assessed by the therapist at the entrance examination. The hypnosis is a service not covered by health insurance (see the current price list).

*(In case of doing hypnosis by an eligible specialist, the hypnosis is considered as a safe technique. It is not possible to hypnotize people against their will or to manipulate with others. Using hypnosis, we cannot "travel to past lives" or to find "unconscious reasons" of psychical difficulties. As well as other psychotherapeutic techniques, the hypnosis does not solve problems "miraculously" and in one session. The mental problems need time and must be treated systematically.)

INEP - neuropsychiatrie
INEP - centrum pro tiky a Touretteův syndrom
INEP - poradna pro Parkinsonovu a Alzheimerovu nemoc
INEP - neurochirurgie
INEP - poradna pro bolesti hlavy
INEP - poradna pro autismus
INEP - anorexie bulimie