INEP - psychiatrie

Our psychiatry department provides  complex care
to clients suffering from a wide range of mental disorders. The speciality of the psychiatric care in INEP are diagnostics and treatment of the psychological diseases, fitted to the special needs of patients whose primary diagnosis is neurological. We also provide specialised counselling to patients with Alzheimer’s  disease, memory disorders , eating disorders, and many more.

We look at all mental disorders from the bio-psycho-social perspective. Our  specialists treat each client with an individual approach, trying to understand their inner perception and train of thought. Supportive psychotherapy is an entire part of each session,  combined with pharmacological treatment if necessary.

We understand that our clients are often in a difficult personal situation and expect a professional approach, trust, and reliability. Building trust in a relationship is absolutely necessary for successful treatment. Adequate time is allowed to interview each patient. We want to be sure that all your questions have been answered when you are leaving the session. 


The premises of the Institute are furnished in mild earthy colours to help you feel more comfortable, safe and secure. As will a welcoming cup of tea or coffee.


INEP - psychiatrie

You can make an appointment with one of our psychiatrists, using our online form.
You don’t need
any previous references from your general practitioner.