MUDr. Eva Hrdličková

MUDr. Eva Hrdličková

a general practitioner for children and adolescents

  • She graduated at the Faculty of Child Medicine of the Charles University in Prague 

  • In 1985 she finished her first degree attestation in paediatrics, in 1990 she completed her second degree attestation in paediatrics and in 2016 she also did a specialisation as a general practitioner for children and adolescents. She has a license in paediatrics from the Czech Medical Chamber.  

  • From 1982 she worked at the  Clinic of Child and Adolescent Medicine VFN in Prague, she operated at all departments of the clinic, including the intensive care unit for newborns and unit for premature infants

  • From 2001 she was an independent paediatrist at the general consulting room, to 2016 she was also the major physician at emergency care and she was a consultant for all child departments at other clinics of the VFN

  • Besides clinical work, she taught medical students at the 1. LF UK in Prague as an external lecturer

  • She absolved child endocrinology course

  • She is a member of the Czech Pediatric Society ČLS JEP a Association of Czech Doctors ČLS JEP

  • Since 2017 she has worked at INEP as a general practitioner for children and adolescents

  • Her services are available for Czech speaking patients