The INEP pharmacy provides superior services for all our clients. It has an extended range of neuropsychiatric medicines that you get usually without any additional charge. It also offers all other commonly prescribed and non-prescription medicines. The assortment of the pharmacy is supplemented by quality natural cosmetics or herbal teas. At our pharmacy you are sure that you will always get quality medicines that our doctors prescribe.

Thanks to our customer card, you will receive a bonus of 30, - CZK for every 1.000, - CZK spent on the goods in our INEP Pharmacy or in the pharmacies of the
Gallipot s.r.o. with the exception of prescription drugs. And above all, you get a 50% discount on prescription medication, regardless of the age of the patient. Regular use of your customer card will give you great insight into all the medicines you take. At the same time we will alert you to their possible inappropriate combinations and interactions. We will be glad to release the customer card upon request. Simply fill in the short form at the INEP or in the pharmacy.


You can pick up your medication every weekday  from 8:00 to 18:00.
If necessary, you can contact us by phone +420 720 146 488 or by email