Psychological counselling and couching

MUDr. Lucie Holohlavská

MUDr. Lucie Holohlavská 

psychological counselor and coach

PhDr. Andrej Drbohlav

PhDr. Andrej Drbohlav 

special pedagogue and psychopathologist

  • He graduated in special pedagogy at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Hradec Kralove

  • His main interests are behaviour disorders, ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder and intermittent explosive disorders

  • He is an organiser of accredited behavioral psychology lectures  and psychopathology lectures, focused on behaviour disorders and personality disorders

  • He has a postgraduate study degree in psychology/ medical psychology and psychopathology, he is interested in the problematics of manifestation of intermittent explosive disorder and developmental aspects of aggressive behaviour

  • At the moment he realizes a research about the development of aggressive behaviour,  intermittent explosive disorder and psychopathy

  • In his atelier, he arranges workshops and seminars about personal development

  • He is an author of a number of popular publications about psychopathology, forensic psychology, and behavioral psychology

  • Since 2012 he has spoken a lot in media about personality or behaviour pathology, education and resocialization of children with problematic development of behaviour, and problematics of violence

  • Since 2016 he has worked at INEP, he focuses on behavioral counselling for parents of children with ADHD,  or problematic development of behaviour and personality

  • His services are available for Czech speaking patients


MUDr. Kateřina Hanousková

psychological counselor

  • She works at INEP as a psychotherapeutic counselor for adults

  • Her services are available for Czech and English speaking patients

  •  You can contact her in the matters of:

    • dealing with longtime illnesses of yourself or your relatives

    • anxiety

    • depressive mood disorders

    • dealing with heavy life situations and crisis

  • She graduated in the General Medicine programme at the First Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University in Prague, she also did specialisation in clinical oncology and palliative medicine

  • She is a participant of 5-year psychotherapeutic training in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy at the Prague College of Psychosocial Studies


Mgr. Olga Mazurovová

psychological counselor

  • She joined INEP team in 2019 and she is specialized in individual psychotherapeutical counseling to teenagers and adults

  • She also works as a life and business coach and as a mental coach with athletes

  • Besides therapeutical or counseling dialogues she offers active imagination, meditation, relaxation or breathing techniques

  • Her services are available for Czech, Russian and English speaking patients

  • She offers:

    • Psychotherapeutical counseling to teenager and adults

    • Life coaching

    • Business coaching

    • Mental training

  • She graduated in social work focused on communication and applied psychotherapy at the Prague College of Psychosocial Studies

  • She completed complex education in psychotherapy in Daseinsanalysis approach, specialized courses and seminars, e.g. Client´s suicide and suicidal behavior, Crisis intervention, training in Active imagination

  • She worked in international trade


Mgr. Linda Peichlová

psychological counselor

  • She graduated in psychosocial sciences, religious studies and theology at the HTF UK in Prague

MUDr. Iveta Koblic Zedková, Ph.D.

MUDr. Iveta Koblic Zedková, Ph.D.

psychiatr a psychoterapeut