Clinical trials

The Institute of Neuropsychiatric Care gives its patients a special opportunity beyond classical healthcare: patients can participate in clinical trials, the aim of which is to assess whether a new treatment method is a safe, effective, and better alternative in comparison to the best available method so far (in our case, this means mostly testing new medicinal products - drugs).

In these so-called phase III clinical trials the effect of the new drug is compared with the standard treatment. These trials are generally international and involve a large number of patients. All patients are usually divided into two groups of which the first group receives the standard (common) treatment and the second one is treated with the new one. These two groups are then compared, especially in terms of the efficacy of the new medication. Most clinical trials are double-blinded, which means that neither the patient nor the physician knows to which group was the patient assigned.

Clinical trials must comply with very strict criteria and safety of patients is the highest priority. Before the beginning of each clinical trial, the ethical committee must approve the trial and all patients have to sign an informed consent to confirm their participation in the trial. All available information, about expected benefits but also possible risks associated with the trial, are explained to the patient by a clinician before signing the informed consent. Any ambiguities and doubts must be clarified and it must be clearly enlightened that participation of patients is voluntary and  they may withdraw at any time.

At present we offer possibility to participate in trials investigating the treatment of memory disorders, depression, multiple sclerosis, migraine and epilepsy.
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