Child psychiatry

Childhood is a period of personality development and building up the structures of personality. The experience gained in this period influences the rest of our lives, and therefore it is important to support the healthy development of our children and seek appropriate care when they are facing difficulties. Mental disorders in children usually manifest differently than in adults. Children are not able to clearly explain what is worrying them, but an attentive observer may notice slight changes in their behaviour.

When children are worried about something, they usually start having difficulties in school, cannot concentrate properly on their homework, their performance at school gets worse, or even refuse to go to school at all. They become moody, irritated, restless, have sleep problems and often complain about somatic symptoms, such as stomach ache, headache or overall tiredness. All of these do not have to be  signs of a serious illness, but the initial symptoms should not be underestimated.

If you feel that your child has been behaving differently than usual, has problems at school, has been avoiding contact with friends, has been more irritated or sad, it is recommended to consult with an expert. Along with a comprehensive diagnostic examination and subsequent therapeutic intervention, our team of clinicians, specialised in children and adolescent psychiatry, also provides family and individual counselling.


You can make an appointment with one of our child and adolescent psychiatrists, using our online form.
You don’t need 
any previous references from your general practitioner. 

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